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Available Two Branches

Ayurved Gurukul is being conducted in two branches

  • Nashik
  • Malegaon

Teachers = Apta Adhyapak

Teachers sharing knowledge in Ayurved Gurukul are ayurved practitioners with good clinical experience and best grantha knowledge.

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Online Registration Option

Registration for scheduled Ayurved Gurukul session in either branch is available online at your fingertip with secured online payment via Credit/Debit Card/Net Banking option.

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"Abhyasat Prapyate Drushti | Karmasiddhee Prakashini ||"

Success in deeds is by knowledge only and this knowledge is by repeated study only.

Ashtang Hruday / Sutra / 12/ 56

Most efficient way

Ayurved can be understand more efficiently with face to face discussion on each and every shloka, its shabdartha, bhaavartha and teeka on it. Ayurved Gurukul works on the same thing which make understanding of grantha more easy.